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December 7, 2017

By A. Weinberg, Contributing Columnist

Unless you’re a hand model, you might not spend a whole
lot of time examining your fingers and the relative
differences between them. That’s probably healthy; you
might have bigger fish to fry.

However, you should know that looking at your fingers
can reveal something more than the little bits of dirt
underneath them you should probably remove eventually.
(What? That doesn’t happen to you guys?)

The lengths of your fingers can say a lot about your
mental and physical state, even how attractive you are.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. What is this 2D:4D
business? Sounds like some scary math equation.

Nope. The concept is pretty simple. “D” refers to digits and
the numbers refer to which digit on your hand. You have
five digits; yes we are counting the thumb. So “2D” is your
index or first finger and “4D” is your ring or third finger.

Ratio refers to a difference between two things; in this
case the length of your first and third finger.

Digit ratio has been shown to be a sexually dimorphic trait;
the difference in lengths vary notably between male and
female humans.

The ratio stays constant and is influenced by prenatal
androgen exposure in the fetus. So, if you have more (or
less) testosterone as a developing critter in the womb, this
will affect the 2D:4D ratio. Inversely, you can look at or
measure your fingers and deduce whether your
testosterone levels were high, average, or low.

A fetus with more exposure to testosterone will have a
lower digit ratio, and one with less will have a higher digit

So, what exactly will some normal ratios be? First, you
should know that a longer index finger will result in a ratio
of higher than 1 while a longer ring finger will result in a
ratio of less than 1.

The 2nd digit is typically shorter in males and in females,
while a difference of length of the 2 digits is greater in
males than in females.

In case you do end up getting your digits measured, I will
pass on the average numbers. For males, a ratio of about
0.947 and for females about a ratio of 0.965.

Do Finger Ratios Say Something About My Health?

Let’s start with the bad news first. There are some
negative side effects in having unusual digit ratios, in some

If you are male, but have a higher (or more traditionally
feminine) digit ratio, you will probably be prone to having
a lower sperm count, and an increased risk of heart
disease, obesity and metabolic syndrome, according to a
2014 study by Bolaji Fatai Oyeyemi from the University of
Ibadan in Nigeria. Testosterone can be protective.

Being male with an odd digit ratio has even been
correlated with autism in multiple experiments. In 2015, F.
S. Al-Zaid and researchers from the College of Medicine in
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia did a test on Saudi boys with autism.
They examined 60 male children, 31 with classic onset
autism and 29 as age-matched healthy controls. The
fingers of the right hand were measured.

In this case, however, the low digit ratio was the culprit.
Significantly lower 2D:4D ratios were present in those with
autism, indicating that the boys may have been exposed to
high levels of prenatal fetal testosterone.

Next: here’s a downer for everybody. Higher digit ratios
for males, females, and anyone in-between have a
correlation with eating disorders, anxiety, and depression,
according to a 2013 report by J.T. Manning from Swansea

What Superpowers Would This Give Me?

The good news is that weird digit ratios don’t just throw
you off, on the health spectrum. Sometimes they give you
some positive traits.

A low digit ratio may be correlated with autism. But it also
gives better arithmetic, visual, and spatial skills, according
to a 2016 report by Prathibha K. Muthu from the Saveetha
Medical College and Hospital in India. Math and spatial
skills are two abilities any human needs to survive, so that
would be to your advantage.

Now, if you’re female, having a lower 2D:4D ratio could
make you more assertive, if E. Hampson’s 2012 article
“androgen receptor polymorphism and the 2D:4D digit
ratio” is to be believed.

I would say assertiveness is a great personality trait to
have, regardless of gender. This is a matter of opinion,

However, if you are already male-bodied, a lower 2D:4D
ratio may make you aggressive. Not so great, unless you
really need that for your line of work.

But that’s good news for the ladies, anyway.

Could This Affect My Attractiveness?

Yes, attractiveness, like personality traits, are also

However, if a large number of people find you appealing
physically, this could up your chances to reproduce, which
is our body’s biological mandate.

Yeah, not the sexiest way to describe it, but if we are
talking about health and survival, perceived desirability is
always to your advantage.

The jury is out on studies for the ladies, but for guys,
science has found a thing or two.

More than one study has confirmed that a lower 2D:4D
ratio on the right hand of men was correlated to

In a 2009 study, 273 men were recruited at a university
and assessed for physical attractiveness by women.
Findings suggested that women may be partially attracted
to men because of a relative level of prenatal androgen

So, women who are attracted to men like their dudes more
traditionally manly. That is pretty intuitive.

How Would I Even Measure This?

If you are like me, you are a curious cat who wants to
know your own ratio.

However, finger measuring is something you probably
need to do with a scientist or doctor. One measurement
device is called digital vernier calipers. The length of the
index finger and ring finger is measured from the fingertip
to the midpoint to the basal crease on the ventral surface
of the hand. Usually 2 or more measurements are taken to
ensure reliability. The mean of the multiple measurements
is then taken. There is controversy over whether the right
hand is a more accurate indicator or if both are equal.

Yeah, unfortunately, you can’t use a tape measure. Some
other methods could involve x-rays or photocopies, but
you would need to ask a doctor or someone in the medical
profession how to go about the whole procedure.

In the meantime, you can check out your fingers and
notice if there is a marked difference in their lengths. And
remove any of that dirt that might be lurking there, while
you’re at it.   

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Having a first finger close in length to a third
finger makes men more attractive to women.
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