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Prostate Cancer Linked to Western Diet
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What do burgers and fries have to do with prostate cancer? Plenty, according to a
new study by the Prostate Cancer Research Institute. Their research shows that
men who eat fatty Western diets face a higher risk of developing prostate cancer.  

How much higher?  Here's a comparison. The county of Qidong in China has the
lowest recorded incidence rate, 0.5 per 100,000 men. By comparison, Sweden has
a rate of 55.3 per 100,000 men and the U.S. has a rate of 102.1 per 100,000.  Put
another way,
if you are a man in the United States, you have a 200 times greater
risk of developing prostate cancer than a man in this province of China.  And you
have almost double the risk of developing cancer than a man in Sweden.

Obesity promotes the development of cancer. As proof, the study observes that  
Asian men who live in China and Japan suffer extremely low rates of prostate
cancer. But when these men move to the United States or other Western
countries, their diets change, and they "increase their risk of cancer within a single

Article Continues Below.

Several research studies have confirmed the link between fatty diets, obesity and
prostate cancer.

Fat emits hormones which have been implicated in the development of many forms
of cancer, including prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer, lung cance,
breast cancer, uterine cancer, kidney cancer and gallbladder cancer). All of these
are epithelial cell cancers. And interactions between epithelial and other
components (stromal components) inside cell  tissues --as well as hormones that
the organs through the circulation of your blood --  stimulate the growth of
cancerous tumors.

Hormones may increase the growth of cancerous tumors in 4 different ways.

1. Obesity Boosts Levels of Natural Steroids in Your Body.  When you are obese,
the fat increases teh production of steroids that stimulate growth of cells
throughout your body. These steroid hormones  can bind to nuclear receptors in  
tumor cells.  Estrogen is one such hormone. Fat tissues produce excess amounts
of estrogen.  It's one of the reasons that cancers occur in fatty tissues such as
breats.  It's also one of the reasons that excess fat on a man's body increases hi
chances of developing prostate cancer.

2. Obesity Increases Free Floating Hormones. Obesity increases the amount of
free-floatng estrgen and testosterone in your blood stream. These free floating
hormones can create havoc by binding to tumors.

3. Obesity Triggers DNA Damage.  Third, steroid hormone action can trigger
increased oxidant-stress-promoting cell proliferation and DNA damage. Androgens
have been demonstrated to increase oxidant stress in prostate cancer cells, and
oxidant defense mechanisms have been shown to be impaired early in the cancer

4. Obesity Encourages Paracrine Factors. Obesity can increase the production of
paracrine factors and hormones which stimulate the production of steroid
hormones in cancer tissue through interactions between stromal and epithelial
compartments in tissues. Many of these paracrine factors are cytokines produced
by both fat cells and white blood cells.

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Prostate Cancer Research Institute

Source: Prostate Cancer Research Institute

The Linkage Between Obesity and Prostate Cancer
David Heber, MD, PhD, FACP, FACN
Professor of Medicine and Director, UCLA Center for Human Nutrition
Reprinted from PCRI Insights May 2004 vol. 7, no. 2
Men Who Eat Western Fatty
Diets Have Higher Risk of
Prostate Cancer
Quick Fact: The county of
Qidong in China has the lowest
recorded prostate cancer
incidence rate, 0.5 per 100,000
men. By comparison, Sweden
has a rate of 55.3 per 100,000
men and the U.S. has a rate of
102.1 per 100,000
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