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How to Get a Great Shave
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" I always get bumps when I shave. What is the best way to shave my
face without getting itchy bumps?"  "And what's better-- a razor or an

Shaving. We all have to do it. But gone are the days when Dear Ol' Dad
would march us down to the neighborhood barbershop for a good
close one and a how-to. Most guys like us have to figure it out as we
go along.

We went to the experts-- professional barbers-- to get their advice on
how to get a really great, close shave without razor bumps.

Here it is:

1. The key to a great shave is preparation. You must prepare your face

2. Preparation starts with cleaning the face. Why? If your face is dirty,
then when you shave you increase the chances of infection. The
bacteria gets into the cuts.

3. Open the pores. The hair follicles, think of them like a shovel stuck in
sand on the beach. You need to loosen the spikes up before you pull
them out. To open up your pores, wash the face with warm, then
warmer water. You can if you have time, apply a hot towel to your face
or shave right after you get out of the shower.

4. While the pores are nice and open, apply a good thick cream. It's
best to apply it warm too. You can warm it up by heating up a cup of
water in the microwave (2 minutes), then put a piece of thin cloth over
the hot cup. Squirt the cream on top of the cloth for about 10 seconds
to warm it up.

5. Apply the cream to your warm face.

6. Then, and only then, start to shave.

7. The above applies if you use commercial shave cream. If you want to
use a brush, you don't work up a lather in your hand. You work up the
lather in a little bowl with your badger hair brush. You heat the brush
first by leaving it in a cup or bowl of hot water while you prepare your
face as we went over earlier.  Why badger hair? It's soft, it holds water
more easily than other hairs.

You don't have to spend a fortune on badger hair brushes. We found
one for $10 at Some
guys also forgo badger altogether and use boar bristles. These work
but they're not as good as badger.

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