Diets and Workouts

Diets and Food Information

5 Easy Ways to Cut Down on Carbs

7 Foods That Can Help You Ace an Exam

The 7 Foods That Can Ruin Your Health Fast

Chives Boosts Your Immune System and More

Ideal Weight for Men of Different Heights-- The Official Chart

Get Lean Diet

Alkaline Diet --Pros and Cons

Can the Alkaline Diet Really Heal You? - A look at the Evidence

Alkaline Diet Helps Fight Diabetes

Add Muscle Diet

BCAA's -Do They Really Improve Your Strength?

Beer -Top 7 Health Benefits

Boron -The Mineral Your Prostate Needs

Capers Reverse Negative Effects of Eating Red Meat

Coca Cola or Pepsi - Which Is Worse for Your Health?

Coffee - Is It Bad for Your Kidneys?

Exercising Actually Grows New Brain Cells

Food Can't Touch Other Food - What This Says About You

How Fast Can an Average Man Run?

How Long Can an Average Man Hold a Plank?

How to Gain Lean Muscle Mass-What to Eat  and What Not to Eat

How Many Push-ups Can an Average Man Do?

How Many Squats Can an Average Man Do?

Nuts Can Lower Your Risk of Dying By 20%

Olive Oil -- Is Too Much Bad for You?

Bench Press Average-- How You Stack Up

Creatine Side Effects -A Comprehensive Review

Test Enanthate -Benefits and Dangers to Your Health

Fatty Diet Linked to Prostate Cancer

10 Super foods for Men

Edible Cactus Lowers Cholesterol

Foods That Make You Sleepy

Foods That Make You Depressed-Top 7

How to Keep Your Bones Strong - 7 Tips

Kava -  7 Surprising Health Dangers

Normal Height for Men

Macadamia Nuts -Top 7 Health Benefits

Muscles Need Sleep

Male Baldness --Why You May Want to Drop That Hamburger

Like Spicy Food? -Here's What It Says About You

Mysterious Health Benefits of Drinking High Bicarbonate Water

Natural Cleanses for Your Brain - Top 7

Need a Mood Boost? - Eat More Fermented Foods

Nutella -A Secret Weapon for Training Success

Orange Peels  Help Protect Your Lungs and Respiratory Infections

Raw Honey and Cinnamon - Hype, Hoax or Healthy?

Reasons I Gain Weight - Causes and Top 7 Natural Remedies

Sesame Seeds - 7 Ways They Boost Men's Health

Should You Eat Chicken Livers Every Week?- 7 Good Reasons

Spermadine in Foods Can Extend Your Life and Fight Food Allergies

Too Much Zinc in Your Diet Raises Risk for Prostate Cancer

Vitamins B12 and B6 Raise a Man's Risk of Lung Cancer by 400%

Walnuts Boost Sperm Quality and Fight Prostate Cancer

Weird Craving for Salt -What Does It Mean?

What to Eat to Recover from a Workout

Which Whole Grain Is Best for Men's Health?

Yerba Mate Tea Helps You to Lose Weight


Celebrity Workouts

Golf Exercises -The Top 10

Tiger Woods Workout

7 Ways to Burn Calories Without Exercise

How Many Push-ups Can an Average Man Do?

How Many Pull-ups Can an Average Man Do?

Muscle Soreness - Top 10 Natural Remedies

Can I Workout Even If I Have High Blood Pressure?

Stretching Can Boost Athletic Performance by 79%

Stretching Makes Your Arteries Less Stiff Too

Top 7 Natural Exercise Performance Enhancements

Top 7 Mobile Apps to Transform Your Health


Arm Rotation Workout

Why Does My Left Arm Feel So Weak?-Causes and Remedies


7 Best Exercises to Prevent Back Injury

How to Bulk Up Your Back

How to Improve Your Dead Lift


Why Do My Legs Feel Weak?-Causes and Cures

Want to Live Longer - Increase Your Leg Strength

Your Calf Muscles Are the Key to Staying Young-7 Reasons


Caviar Fights Depression


Shoulder Training Tips

Staying Active and Healthy --- General

Constipation -It's a Man's Problem

Losing 7% of Your Body Weight Drops Diabetes Risk by 60%

Why Is Your Heart Rate Too Slow-Causes and Top 10 Natural Remedies

Use Your Lunch Hour to Beat High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure and Viagra -Is It Safe?

Kale is the New Spinach

Men with High Blood Pressure -Top 7 Signs

Rice and Beans Reduce Your Risk for Prostate Cancer

Sex After Heart Attack-Why and Why Not

Exercise Reverses Feelings of Hopelessness in Men

Get Rid of Man Boobs

Blood Pressure-What It Means

Foods That Reduce Blood Pressure

Low Folate Harms Sperm

Penis Shaving Bumps-Home Remedies

Yoga That Improves Erectile Performance

Yoga Workouts You Can Do At Your Desk

Better Tasting Sperm

Foods That Strengthen Erectile Performance

Soy Foods Reduce Sperm Count-New Study

Foods That Make You Bald

Stop Snoring-Tips That Work

Waist-to-Hip The New Number That Counts

Should I Exercise Before or After Eating?

Tiger's Core Work-Out

Six Pack Abs The Work-outs That Work

Lose 10 lbs-Simple  Diet
Prostate Cancer Linked to Fatty Diet

Low Folate Harms Sperm-New Study

Exercises That Improve Erectile Function

Muscle Soreness- Top 10 Natural Remedies

Muscle Spasms-Causes and Top 10 Natural Remedies

Men Who Prefer Masturbation
Health Benefits of Masturbation

Whey versus Creatine -Which One is Better?
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Bigorexia -When Guys Build Freakishly
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Bulking Up Fast -Top 5 Health Dangers

How Extreme Exercise Can Damage
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How to Add Bulk to Your Back-Top 10

How to Improve Your Dead Lift

Know Your Lifetime Limit of Knee
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Not Working Out-You're Losing More
Muscle Mass Than You Think

Push-ups Work as Well as Bench
Press in Increasing Strength

Myolitis -Muscle Inflammation

Why Do My Calves Hurt?

Why Can't I Straighten My Back?

Why Do My Fingers Keep Locking Up?

Why Is My Back Stiff When I Stand Up?

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