Being Dehydrated Can Cause Penis

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January 30, 2017
S. Callahan, Associate Editor and Featured Columnist

Men who experience a burning in their penis always think that the
cause is an STD
. But while STDs are  often the cause of penis burning,
there is a more simple explanation ---dehydration. Being dehydrated
affects all of the tissues of your body, your eyes, your nose, your
internal organs and,yes, your penis.

How can you tell whether your penis burning is caused by dehydration?
How much water should you drink to avoid dehydration? What habits
can help you avoid penile dehydration?

The Connection Between Your Water Intake and a Healthy Penis

Your penis is a complex structure.  And water is key to its functioning.
In its flacccid state, water is needed to prevent dry tissues. In its erect
state, water is needed to support the blood flow that creates an

One key compound is angiotensin. Angiotensin is a powerful stimulant
causing you to desire water. In 1982, Dr. J.T. Fitzsomons  from The
Physiological Laboratory, Cambridge, United Kingdom found that
injecting angiotensin directly into the brain makes us start to gulp
water. Moreover, we drink far more water than we normally would

The experiment, conducted on lab animals, discovered that the lab
animals would drink more water in 15 minutes than they normally
would drink in 24 hours.

Angiotensin also causes a spike in blood pressure.

What does all this have to do with your penis? Well, if you have lower
than normal angiotensin levels, you will not drink enough water to
support your body in general and your penis in particular.

A drop in water volume leads to a drop in plasma and red blood cells
which have been identified as a cause of erectile dysfunction.

A 2009 study by Dr. Simon N. Thornton published in the Journal of
Sexual Medicine found that "hydration increases tissue perfusion" and
that your total blood volume is in fact the cause of erectile dysfunction
in many cases. You should therefore elevate your total blood volume to
a healthy level if you have to eliminate dehydration as a potential cause
of erectile dysfunction.

Blood is mostly water. In fact, your blood consists of about 80% water.

How Much Water Does an Erection Need?

An erection requires 130 ml of blood, which means it requires 104 ml of

The 104 ml of water is only 3.5 ounces of water. But to reach that level
the water you have "on board" must divert the blood from elsewhere in
your body.

Your body allocates blood and water in a  strict priority.  First served is
your brain. If blood is scarce, your body first protects the brain. Then,
it protects your core organs --your heart, lungs and so on.

If the body has insufficient blood volume, it can go into shock. In fact,
shock is defined as "inadequate tissue perfusion", according to Taber's
Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary.

Erections are not the body's top priority  in terms of allocating available
blood and therefore water. If you are "under watered", you will need
to replace the water you're missing and continue to water your internal
organs regularly before you can expect any improvement in your penis.

Sports, Sports Drinks and Dehydration

If you experience penis burning immediately after participating in
sports, then you will need to drink more water before, during and after
you engage in sports.  

But what drink should you choose? Sports drinks such as Gatorade can
help to rehydrate you. But should you  steer clear of the  sports drinks
with caffeine? Don't these caffeinated drinks dehydrate you?

Actually, no, caffeinated drinks do not dehydrate you.  Rather, caffeine
simply makes you urinate more. A 2005 study led by Dr. Lawrence
Armstrong of the University of Connecticut tested the effects of
drinking caffeine on hydration over a longer period on time.

Dr. Armstrong's team tested 59 men for 11 days, adding to their diets
fluids with caffeine measured to be appropriate for their body weight.

The study found that caffeine had no effect at all on hydration.

So, yes, you should drink more water if you are dehydrated. And a
sports drink or two will not hurt. Beware of sports drinks with super
high levels of caffeine for reasons other than dehydration. They can,
for example, raise your blood pressure.

To Really Hydrate, You Should "Eat Your Water"

Vegetables and fruits are rich sources of water. Those who eat
vegetables and fruit can achieve higher levels of hydration than even
those who only drink water to hydrate. Studies have found that the
water contained in vegetables and fruits are better retained in the body
than water that you drink, partly because the water in vegetables and
fruits is surrounded by compounds which help it to enter your cells
more easily.

Choose tomatoes and lettuce or spinach leaves as often as you can.
Choose cucumbers, zucchini and eggplant.  Eat watermelon, honeydew
melons and apples. All these are surprisingly rich in water content.

Moreover, many are also loaded with
micro-nutrients that support
erectile health.

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